One Life Share It


In May 2019, we set off on a journey, just a family desperate to make a difference and no longer able to sit back and do nothing. It began as a challenge to raise money for one incredible charity and has become a journey filled with hope, kindness and human connection. 

We’ve seen the reality of the issues that we’re all facing, but we’ve also discovered solutions that every single one of us can be part of. 

One Life Share It is all about rebuilding community and community begins at the point where everyone in society meets as an equal, no matter who they are and what they’re able to contribute. Our mission is to bridge the gaps and create that point of connection.

One Life Share It is who we are, it’s what shapes our story and what we live our lives by because we believe that what you sow in life you reap. Each one of us only have one life, but when we share it with others, the potential and connection is boundless. When we share our lives, whether we’re sharing our time, our conversation, a cuppa, a meal or anything else, it can only make our world a better, more connected, less lonely, more hopeful place. 

On our travels we’ve met people from every walk of life and what we’ve discovered is that the large majority of people are hugely generous and they do care. An innumerable amount of people have gone out of their way to be a part of our journey, saying that ‘we’ve given them the opportunity to be part of something making a difference’ and yet there are still huge social divides, none of these amazing people are connected and our society is falling apart because of it. 

Not long into our travels and quite by accident, we started stumbling upon ordinary but incredible people transforming their own communities for the better. Seven months and seven thousand miles in, we’ve met tons of groups, individuals and projects all around the UK and the thing they all have in common is that they’re bringing people together. We see that this is a hugely powerful solution and so we decided to create our own way of bringing people together in an environment where everyone is welcome and equal. CommuniTea is all about free food and tea, breaking down the barriers, bridging the divides and starting conversations that lead to change. 

In conclusion, welcome to One Life Share It. Please have a look around and definitely take a moment to say hi. We hope you’re motivated, inspired, encouraged, hopeful and connected … and that you become part of our journey too. 

The Chick family x