Create an environment where absolutely everyone is welcome, equal and can contribute what they can, throw in free tea and/or food and you’ve got CommuniTea – the perfect tool for connecting people, initiating meaningful conversations, bridging gaps and crossing divides. 

We created CommuniTea after seeing that all the people who were transforming lives in their local areas were quite simply just bringing people together. We’ve now hosted a number of successful events across the UK – in town halls, car parks, markets, community gardens – promoting the necessity of coming together to rebuild the communities that we’re all a part of. 

Here’s what some of the people who’ve been a part of CommuniTea have to say…..

“I am given hope again that there are real people who are willing to take a risk to make a difference in this world. This family of five have given me that hope. A simple cup of soup and a smile can change a person’s outlook and remind them that things really aren’t so bad. Meeting them has inspired me to carry on and to continue trying to make a better place of our small part of the world. Their journey will be a story they can share for generations to come.” 

“My husband had a massive breakdown some years ago and as a result is plagued by bipolar so doesn’t get into close groups at all and yet Sunday he decided he was coming to see what you were all about. You made him so welcome and he said it was the first time he had felt so relaxed and comfortable for a very long time .Thank you for that. I may get the old him back thanks to you” 

“A great afternoon bringing the community together thanks to you guys. Was a privilege to meet you and share food and stories. 

The future is brighter when we come together!” 

“All amazing. From the “fabulous 5”… the people that came. The stories shared, the delicious food, the laughter, memories made and new friendships made” 

“Very inspiring – I feel very positive about regenerating community now” 

“Grateful and proud to have met you all. This is the future.” 

“CommuniTea is an inspiration and asset to every community it touches” 

“What a fab afternoon – thanks so much for organising! My daughter and I loved meeting you all and were amazed to hear your inspirational stories.  Feel very inspired to organise more for the community to come together!” 

“What can I say…..? 5****** This family have got off their butts and are effecting change. If you can be part of CommuniTea you should make a concerted effort to go.” 

Several people have told us how it’s helped them make connections within their community and feel less socially isolated and, in addition to that, 75% of the communities we’ve hosted CommuniTea in have continued running events like these because they’ve felt the positive effect it has. 

We want to bring CommuniTea to absolutely anyone who wants to strengthen the community where they live.  We’ll come to any individual/family or group that’s interested and we’re also keen to do events at existing community projects to raise awareness amongst the community and get more local people involved. This will give the people from the project the opportunity to engage with the locals, tell their story and make connections. 

If you’d like CommuniTea to come to you, please get in touch via our contact page and we will either arrange to bring an event to you or give you all the info you need to set up one of your own 🙂