About Us


Meet the family. There’s Dave – who can usually be found drinking tea with a very thoughtful expression on his face, thinking up some kind of way to try to make the world a better place. Dave is a father, tea-drinker and tiny-home extraordinaire with a love for the great outdoors.


Then there’s Jem – the mum, usually found making the tea, teaching or learning alongside her kids, being hospitable to friends and strangers alike and making us at home wherever we are on the road. Jem is the positive, bold one who likes her home comforts, but would never shy away from a challenge.

There’s Gracie – 15 years old and the eldest of the Chick kids. If she’s not at sea, she’ll be dreaming of sailboats, practicing with her charts, talking to her friends, writing a spoken word poem, taking a spontaneous dip in the ocean or trying to figure out a way into the nearest pool. She’s a wild child with her head in the clouds, a love of water and words and a desire to work in sail training to make a difference and help young people of her generation.


Next comes Evan – the one you’ll always find outdoors. At thirteen years old, he is already junior instructor for a bushcraft and survival company and is a pro at all things fire, shelter, water and food. Evan is also a keen cook and sailor and he never fails to make us all laugh, although often unwittingly. When it comes to building things, he is Dave’s practical partner in crime. 



Irys – at eleven years old, she is the youngest of the Chick kids. An enthusiastic biologist and photographer, Irys has a love of wildlife, nature, puppies, Scotland and sailing. With her camera, she likes to capture the beauty in everything from flowers, insects and spiders webs to sunsets, bicycles and her very photogenic family!





Finally, we have Mo, the beautiful 1968 Morris Traveller campervan that we all call home. A few years ago, we bought Mo as a rusty wreck of a classic car, but Dave and Evan worked their magic to turn her into the tiny home on wheels that she is today. Mo has been a faithful companion on many an adventure and everyone loves her. In fact, she’s quite a star!